Who We Are

In the Beginning was a single goal. To offer respite from the sterile monotony of the modern world. Somehow, this became a magazine.

Founded by the dandies and the dreamers of the 21st century, MYTHRIDATE MAGAZINE is a web-based magazine that seeks solace in the nostalgia of decades past. Here, beauty triumphs over everything, whether it be found in the form of words or the stroke of a paintbrush or a camera's ever-curious lens. Here you will find an inclusive, affirming community of individuals just like you - the history lovers, the English majors, and the aficionados of all things Romantic. 

MYTHRIDATE MAGAZINE aims to be your ultimate source for everything the modern, antique-loving aesthete needs to survive. We feature artists of all backgrounds and welcome submissions from the community, just see our Submit page to learn about our current theme!

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