How do I submit?

Welcome! Here at Mythridate we are thrilled you are interested in collaborating with us. Without the creativity of the community, we would not exist. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, with the excepion of our print editions.
Our next print edition will be released Spring 2020 and centers on the theme 'Decadence'
Submissions closed on December 1st, 2019. For all other submissions, or interest in joining our team, please visit our submissions page.

Can I be featured on your website?

Opportunities are continuously available for writers, photographers, artists and more to be featured on our website. If you have a proposal, or idea for an article that you would like to see included on mythridate.com, please learn more about how you can join our team at the following page.

Who do I contact with press/advertising inquiries?

For press or advertising inquiries for print or digital, please contact mythridate.press@gmail.com .

When will your print edition be available?

The inaugural issue of Mythridate Magazine is available! Purchase your copy here. Mythridate Magazine is a bi-annual magazine with two issues released each year. One in Fall/Winter, and the second in Spring/Summer. Our next issue themed 'Decadence', will be released April 2020. Pre-orders will open in February.

Do you pay your contributors?

Many publishing opportunities that creators face do not pay due to a myth of exposure being its own reward. Here at Mythridate, we do not believe in this myth. Instead, our aim is to give back to the community whenever possible; however possible. We may be a small independent magazine but we proudly provide token payments for all submissions accepted for print.

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