2020 Horoscopes : Decadence Edition

The new year is upon us and we’re swinging right into the roaring twenties, ready or not!

This decade is sure to be one for the record books, and Mythridate is dedicating the kickoff issue of 2020 to exploring decadence: the good, the bad, the always opulent. In honor of this momentous moment, we’re bringing you some astrologically-curated tips for making 2020 all the more decadent. And remember, these horoscopes are just for fun, so be sure to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign for the full, luxurious picture.

[Featuring Horoscopes by S.T. Gibson and Sugar Zodiac work by Jay Anthony]

Aries - Driven and passionate, Aries is one of the zodiac’s born leaders. You might be a habitual over-committer or just find yourself wading right into other people’s problems with a can-fix additude. There isn’t a lot of room in a lifestyle like that for decadence, so we prescribe a private picnic or hike in one of your favorite outdoor spots. Silence your phone, shelve that to-do list, and let other people handle calling the shots for a while. There’s nothing to say you can’t lay out a lacy blanket and pack a whole basket of confections to make the whole experience more indulgent, either.

Taurus - Decadence is your middle name, Taurus. No one needs to tell you how good it feels to slip into a hot bath after a hard day’s work, and you know better than anyone that any day is a good day for a cheese plate, an extra hour of sleep, or dessert before dinner. This year, kick it up a notch with the best of the best. Craving a little bubbly? Ditch the prosecco for a proper glass of champagne. Sweet tooth acting up? Why settle for a drive-thru donut when you could pick up fresh baklava from that amazing Greek bakery? Whether your pleasure of choice is skincare, sex, or scented candles, this year is all about quality over quantity.

Gemini - You spend a lot of time trying to reign in your ever-changing niche interests, but consider this permission to research to your heart’s content. Whether you’ve suddenly become fascinated by submarines, tarot cards, or Wiemar Germany, take yourself on a date to the library to indulge that intrigue. Alternately, marathon those podcasts or documentaries you’ve been putting off, or take yourself to an open-to-the-public lecture. Knowledge is never a waste of your time, so run as far down those rabbit holes as you like and soak it all up.

Cancer - Home and hearth mean everything to you, Cancer, so this 2020, go all-out on interiors. Functionality is less important right now than pure pleasure. Reach for textures, colors, and nick-nacks that warm your heart and arrange them in a way that feels truly you. Whether you have full interior design run of your own place or are overhauling one little nook, curate a space that makes you feel completely at home. With maximalism as a rising trend, experiment with mixing patterns and colors so you can incorporate some of those deliciously overblown design elements into your own living space.

Leo - It’s all about the entourage, baby. Most Leos have lost themselves daydreaming about assembling the squad of their dreams, so this year, make it happen! There’s something so decadent about a group of friends hyping each other up before going out, trading clothes and painting faces and shooting off dinner reservation texts. Find those people you can take those killer bathroom selfies with who also show up for you in real and tangible ways. 2020 is the year of no fake friends, so choose wisely! You can get a little wrapped up in your own world, Leo, but if you don’t take your friends for granted, you'll have a squad worth being immortalized in art.

Virgo - Overindulgence isn’t exactly your style, Virgo, and that’s why we love you. Pragmatic and methodical, you tend to finish what you start, or at least approach projects with bullet journal and game plan in hand. So this year, incorporate the decadently unexpected into your days. Way more excited about the books on your to-be-read list than the one you’re currently slogging through? Ditch it! Not feeling excited about your meal prep plan this week? Call in dumplings from your favorite dim sum restaurant. Going off-script or out-of-order can be just what you need to shake yourself out of any developing ruts and let a little decadence into your daily routines.

Libra - You've got a bad rap for being indecisive, Libra, but it’s only because you care so much about making other people comfortable! Getting along with everyone is your superpower, but it can be easy to lose yourself in people pleasing. Nothing feels more decadent to you than centering your own desires, so in 2020, we invite you to do just that. When it comes to going out with friends, choose the movie, the restaurant, or the activity without feeling guilty about it. And when you aren’t feeling up to going out, say no to those invited and snuggle up in a silk dressing gown with your favorite historical drama, no apology needed.

Scorpio - A sign of obsessive passions and deep connections, Scorpio tends to get ride and die about their new relationships as soon as you feel safe around the other person. But there really is something delicious about the butterflies you get from a text that feels a little flirty, or the surprise of realizing that new office friend has more in common with you than you think. Resist the urge to over-analyze and just lean in to every little decadent emotion that comes with building a connection. Slip your crush a handwritten note or surprise that lab partner you’d like to hang out with out of class with their favorite Starbucks order. Taking things slow and enjoying the ride can actually get your farther in the long run.

Sagittarius - One of your great indulgences is nostalgia, adventurous Sagittarius, so spend some time this year losing yourself in your fondest memories. While looking towards the future is essential, there's something wonderfully decadent about lovingly recalling the past. Don't be afraid to order Indian, Chinese, and Greek on the same night as a culinary victory lap to remember your world travels, or your favorite treats from childhood. Maybe a scrapbook of road trip photos is exactly what you need to get your creative juices flowing. Or do a nostalgia tour of one of your favorite cities, maybe bringing a new friend or love interest along with you to savor all the old sights and smells. Don’t be afraid to luxuriate in everything that has made you happy, and bring a little bit of that into your present.

Capricorn - You might be one of the hardest workers in the zodiac, Capricorn, and you’re certainly the one who likes to keep their money on their mind. But what’s the point of all that hustle and grind if you can’t distill it down into the fine wine of indulgence every once in a while? This year, lean into the spirit of decadence by buying yourself that Big Nice Thing. You know, the one you’ve been eyeing for months but won’t let yourself spend money on? Whether it’s a designer handbag or a set of air pods, be your own sugar daddy this new year. And don’t be afraid to flex on social media a little bit. After all, you earned it.

Aquarius - Some of the greatest aesthetic movements of the last century were facilitated by a core group of thinkers and artists who met together regularly. If there’s one thing you love, Aquarius, it’s a sexy new philosophy or big idea. Are you ready to be the Gertrude Stein of your very own Lost Generation art house, experimental cabaret, or underground writing workshop? Flip open that little black book, get some interesting people together, and see what sort of magic happens when you pop the champagne and a big question of existence. Mimosas and Marxism, anyone?

Pisces - You have such a big heart, Pisces, and you truly just want us all to get along. As over-committed adults, getting everyone you love together in one place can feel like a tall order, but that’s exactly the kind of decadence you deserve in 2020. Invite people over for an at-home paint and sip and soak up the good vibes of watching your friends become friends with each other. All it takes to make a memorable night is some cheap canvases, paint, and a bottle of wine. Just make sure you choose people who have been good to you over the course of the last year; your kindness deserves to be appreciated and reciprocated.

S.T. Gibson is a poet, author, and village wise woman in training. You can connect with her on twitter @s_t_gibson or on her website stgibson.com.

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